Why an 8 inch dobsonian telescope is great for beginners

8 inch Dobson’s is regarded as the best telescope for beginners, and there’s a few reasons why that’s the case. The telescopes are frequently recommended because they have high-quality and affordable telescopes. An 8 inch telescope lets me see interesting objects, and you don’t need to spend more than $1000 to get yourself a great 8 inch Dobsonian.

Why an 8 inch Dobsonian telescope is great for beginners

8 inch Dobsonians tend to provide the best value for money out of any telescope currently on the market. This is because they have the maximum aperture possible for a relatively low price.

The Orion Nebula, or M42, is in the constellation Orion at 1344 light years from Earth and varies wildly by weather conditions. It contains over 1000 star pairs which makes it popular when observing other objects.

Light pollution

How often do people get light pollution? Light pollution occurs when sunlight in the atmosphere is reflected off the atmosphere and reflected by objects. Light pollutants are assessed using the bore scale.

You can easily see the local Bortle score on these Light Pollution Maps. I live in the Borlle 4 area and I have a great appreciation for watching from my home, but on my trip to Borlle two it seems to be different. Travelling in dark places is one of many hobbies that can really be enjoyed in this regard. The Dobsian telescope is extremely portable and easy transportable from home.

About the Dobsonian Mount in Skywatcher 8′′ Dobsonian

Similar to all other Chinese-made Dobsonians, Skywatchers Classic 200P Dob mounts have meltedamine covering and is generally sawdust compressed with glue. This is cheaper than what IKEA furniture may have..

The melamine has a heavier weight than plywood and unless the melamine is destroyed a small portion (like in the grass or grass) may warp it. Unlike Orion’s XT Dobsonians use springs for altitude compression and have an elevation bearing placed on cut-away mounts, the Skywatcher Classic Dobsonians have altitude bearings on brackets on top.


Weather is an important factor in the images that are seen on the 7×8 Dobsonian. It is possible you will notice cloudy skies more than before! Upon clear nights you could see objects more clearly than usual. There are several weather conditions that you should consider as you start monitoring.

I suggest some apps for checking whether you are in good condition. These apps may not necessarily be 100% accurate, however can offer some insight into the situation and help plan for your next visit. My favorite Apps are Astrosphere.


Filters are tiny discs attached to an eyepiece that improve image crispness by increasing contrast. There are many different filter options available for your 8-inch DobSon. For lunar observation the filters are very useful.

It may be hard to see the moon without it. I find that a variable Polarized Filter is a better moon filter. It can be manually adjusted to dim moonlight to determine which brightness levels best suit you. You may have an eye for light pollution filtration when living within the most polluted areas.

The optical tube In 8′′ Traditional

The 8-inch Sky watcher 200p is made by Suzhou Synta Optics Technology—a subsidiary of Celestron and manufacturer of Orion’s X-T and X-Se. They are manufactured using borosilicate glass (pyrex) which expands far more easily during expansion as opposed to plate glass. Qualitywise it’s pretty good.

At f-5.9 the coma is not as severe as it is with the more powerful skywatcher 10” or larger models that require higher focus ratios to avoid being too bulked up and require longer.

The Focuser of Skywatcher Classic 200 Dobsonian

This focusing device for Sky-Watchers 8” Dobson is geared towards wheels. I have 2 problems. These knobs are molded out of hard plastic. The second focuser includes a strange thread-on 1.25” adapter as well as thread-on 2” adapters.

That means that unless you spend more money on a different 1.25” to 2“ adapter, you won’t find the adaptor. I cant believe Skywatcher chose to provide a 2.4” adapter, rather than provide only a 1.5” to 2” connector.

Reviewing the Accessories

8” Traditional features a 25 mm (48x) and 10 mm (120x) “Super” Eyepieces. It’s good though. You will need an additional 6- or 9-mm “gold-line” eyepiece to provide more powerful (the 10mm Super may lack the visual relief) and a 2-in-1 eyepiece to provide optimum field of view. It is 8 x 50 and features 9 inch finders. The finder also has inverted pictures.


It also affects your vision ability. Your Dobson probably has an eyepiece and it helps set things up properly. This article will explain exactly what I’ll recommend. Try minimizing the selection of eyepieces. It’s yours.

How good is an 8 inch Dobsonian telescope?

SkyWatcher 8” Dobsonian telescopes are excellent. The vehicle is well constructed with exceptional lenses and will last a lifetime. However, its current price of 400 dollars seems too high for most. It costs around $30 more for a Zhumell Z8 with much better accessories.

What can you see with a 8 inch Dobsonian telescope?

The lunar surface and its brighter planets and galaxies could also be targets. Light pollution is sometimes useful in a few nebulas.

What is the best 8 inch Dobsonian?

The most useful Dobsonsonian telescope. Top Dobsian tabletop astronomers for 2022. Best Overalls: Zhumell Z130. . Best 8′′ Dobson Telescope. Overall the most impressive is the Apertura AD8 / ZHUELL Z8 / XXL / XS / Z… The most beautiful Dobson telescopes in a 10 inch size range. I’ll take this as a whole if it’s good. Dobsonian Telescope 12′′. All right.

How big is a 8 inch Dobsonian telescope?

Skywatcher Classic 8′ Dobsonsonian Telescope 7′ Skywatcher Classic 8′