1 amazing aurora with bbq in the best spot in rovaniemi Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi!
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Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi!

As the celestial curtains of the Arctic sky draw back, revealing a dazzling display of emerald and violet hues, travelers find themselves at the threshold of an extraordinary experience in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Imagine basking in the glow of the Northern Lights while enjoying a delectable BBQ feast in the most sought-after location. This unique blend of nature’s grandeur and culinary delight beckons curious souls to partake in an evening that promises to ignite the senses and create lasting memories.

Discover why this combination of celestial wonders and gastronomic delights is a must for those seeking an unparalleled adventure in the heart of Lapland.

Key Points

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Key Points

  • Hunt mesmerizing Northern Lights in Laavu with expert guidance
  • Enjoy traditional Finnish BBQ experience by cozy bonfire
  • Learn about Polar lights and create lasting Arctic memories
  • Benefit from convenient hotel transfers, warm amenities, and flexible cancellation policy

Tour Overview

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Tour Overview

Set out on an unforgettable adventure through the enchanting beauty of Rovaniemi with the BBQ and Aurora tour. This tour offers a unique opportunity to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights while indulging in a delicious traditional BBQ experience.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the mystical glow of the auroras as you savor Finnish sausages cooked over an open fire. The tour not only promises a feast for the senses with the dazzling light display but also for the taste buds with the authentic flavors of Lappish cuisine.

Capture the magic of the night sky as you enjoy this small-group experience, ensuring an intimate and memorable encounter with nature’s spectacular light show.

Cancellation Policy

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Cancellation Policy

When considering cancellations, travelers can benefit from the flexibility offered by the tour’s cancellation policy. This tour provides a free cancellation option, allowing visitors to make changes while keeping their travel plans flexible.

With a full refund available if canceled up to 24 hours in advance, guests can reserve their spot with peace of mind. The refund policy ensures that if circumstances change, guests can adjust their plans without financial worry.

This flexible booking option caters to varying needs and schedules, making it convenient for those wanting to experience the amazing Aurora and BBQ in Rovaniemi without the stress of rigid cancellation policies.

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Tour Details

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Tour Details

With the cancellation policy providing flexibility for travelers, the tour details for the BBQ and Aurora experience in Rovaniemi offer a rundown of the exciting 3.5-hour adventure. Participants can expect a live tour guide proficient in English and Chinese, ensuring a smooth experience.

The tour includes hotel pickup, emphasizing punctuality with a 10-minute early arrival request. In terms of weather conditions, guests are advised to dress appropriately based on the forecast for an enjoyable evening under the stars.

Local cuisine takes center stage with a Finnish traditional BBQ by an open fire, complemented by Lappish sausages, ketchup, and bread. The tour promises an immersive journey, combining the thrill of hunting for Northern Lights with the delight of savoring local delicacies.

Experience Highlights

Hunting for the mesmerizing Northern Lights in a traditional Laavu while savoring Finnish traditional BBQ by an open fire is just the start of the captivating experience highlights awaiting you on the BBQ and Aurora tour in Rovaniemi.

Capture moments under the dancing Northern Lights and cherish the cozy warmth of the bonfire. Indulge in the rich flavors of Lappish traditional sausages, ketchup, and bread, adding a taste of authenticity to your adventure.

Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere as you learn about the Polar lights and the optimal times for Northern lights viewing, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this natural wonder.

Join this tour to create lasting memories and witness the magic of the Arctic night sky.


Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Inclusions

Enjoy a world of comfort and convenience with the inclusive offerings of the BBQ and Aurora tour in Rovaniemi. The tour ensures a delightful experience with hotel transfers in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a professional English-speaking driver and guide, and a cozy bonfire featuring Lappish traditional sausages, ketchup, and bread. Guests can also savor hot berry or fruit tea, marshmallows, and cookies while capturing unforgettable moments under the night sky. Plus, warm blankets and baby seats are available for added comfort; however, overalls are not provided. Embrace the BBQ etiquette and relish the taste of local delicacies while enjoying the magical ambiance of the Northern Lights in the serene surroundings of Rovaniemi.

Inclusions Details Extras
Hotel transfers Mercedes-Benz vehicles Professional English-speaking guide
Bonfire Lappish sausages, ketchup, bread Hot berry or fruit tea
Comfort amenities Warm blanket, baby seats available Marshmallows, cookies

Additional Information

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Additional Information

For a memorable and cozy experience under the Finnish night sky, guests are reminded to dress warmly based on the forecast when embarking on the BBQ and Aurora tour in Rovaniemi. When preparing for this extraordinary adventure, consider the following:

  • Aurora Photography: Capture the enchanting beauty of the Northern Lights dancing across the sky with your camera.

  • Weather Preparation: Be prepared for the cold Arctic temperatures by layering up and bringing gloves, hats, and scarves.

  • Unique Local Experience: Enjoy the culture by savoring local berry drinks and grilled sausages in a traditional Kota setting.

Make the most of this opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis while indulging in a delightful BBQ experience in Rovaniemi.

Common questions

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Common questions

Are Tripods Provided for Guests to Use When Capturing Photos of the Northern Lights?

Photography equipment, including tripods, are not provided for guests. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own equipment for capturing photos of the northern lights. Remember to prepare essential gear for a better photography experience.

Is There a Restroom Available at the Northern Lights Viewing Location?

Restroom facilities are not available at the Northern Lights viewing location, so visitors with accessibility concerns should plan accordingly. It’s important to be prepared and consider personal needs before embarking on this adventure.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Alcoholic Beverages to Enjoy During the Bbq?

Guests cannot bring their own alcoholic beverages to the BBQ due to the alcohol policy. This ensures the safety and enjoyment of all participants during group activities. The tour provides a curated experience with beverages included.

Are Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the BBQ Meal?

Yes, plant-based options are available for those with dietary restrictions. Guests can enjoy vegetarian and vegan choices during the BBQ meal. The tour ensures a variety of options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Is There a Specific Age Requirement for Children to Participate in the Tour?

Children aged 4 and above can participate in the tour. The age requirement for tour participation ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Families can enjoy hunting for the Northern Lights and savoring a traditional Finnish BBQ.

Last Words

Amazing Aurora With BBQ in the Best Spot in Rovaniemi! - Last Words

Experience the magic of the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi, Finland, with a delicious BBQ in the best spot.

With free cancellation, expert guides, and traditional Lappish sausages by the fire, this tour offers a truly unforgettable evening under the dancing colors of the Arctic sky.

Don’t miss out on this mesmerizing adventure that combines nature’s beauty with a taste of local culture.

Reserve your spot now and get ready for an amazing experience in Rovaniemi!

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