10 Awesome Astronomy Gifts for Kids

If you’re looking for some good astronomy gifts for kids, then there are a ton of different options out there to choose from. And when your kid is super interested in outer space and celestial objects, a space-related present can make for a great gift. However, there are some many different choices out there that it can be a little confusing!

Although there are many different options out there, it is possible to find something for your astronomy obsessed kids that won’t leave them disappointed. So, let’s take a look at 10 great astronomy gifts.

Astronomy Gifts for Kids


Of course, the best astronomy gift to get any kid is a telescope. A telescope allows them to look up into the night sky every evening, and nothing can be more interesting than that! It will allow any young astronomer the ability to get started with stargazing, and even a super cheap one can help them learn the ropes.

There are also a lot of free online resources and apps that you can use with your telescope nowadays which will make it much easier to get started with nighttime astronomy too. It can be difficult if you don’t know which model to go fo though, so take a look here if you want to find the best telescopes for children.

[lasso link=”B00WHZX6CK” title=”NASA Lego Kits” link_id=”441″ id=”5068″ ref=”lego-city-space-port-60077-space-starter-building-kit”]

Lego sets make a great astronomy gift for any kid. In fact, Lego is always a pretty safe gift to get anyway, but if they’re interested in astronomy as well, then a NASA lego kit is a win win. Just bear in mind that some of these astronomy sets might be for collectors, so make sure you don’t end up paying too much if you’re looking for a cheap present for your child.

[lasso link=”B0787PP19H” title=”Solar System Crystal Ball” link_id=”443″ id=”5060″ ref=”erwei-3d-solar-system-model-crystal-ball-80mm-3-15-laser-engraved-hologram-with-light-up-base-planet-model-science-astronomy-learning-toys-educational-gift-for-kids”]

Any space obsessed kid will appreciate this solar system ornament which is actually very well built considering it’s price. The inner planets are actually designed by a 3D laser, and they’re extremely well cut and can be illuminated by a simple light within the sphere. There are 6 different lights which you can use within your crystal ball, which make it even cooler.

[lasso link=”B07DJ1XXXB” title=”Solar System Bracelet” link_id=”859″ id=”5063″ ref=”fesciory-women-solar-system-bracelet-universe-galaxy-the-eight-planets-guardian-star-natural-stone-beads-bracelet-bangle-for-menlava-stonestretch”]

If you’re looking for a nice astronomy accessory, then this bracelet is pretty awesome. It features all of the planets on the bracelet too, which any kid with a keen eye for detail will want too. Each of the different planets are colored differently, respective of their appearance to us.

[lasso link=”B07XZH4524″ title=”Rocket Ship Tent” link_id=”447″ id=”5090″ ref=”playz-5-in-1-rocket-ship-play-tent-for-kids-with-dart-board-tic-tac-toe-maze-game-immersive-floor-indoor-outdoor-popup-playhouse-set-for-toddler-baby-children-birthday-gifts”]

To be honest, I’d love a version of this that comes for adults – I’d happily hide away in my rocket ship tent every evening! This tent is going to be perfect for younger kids, and it can be a good place to keep all of their toys together. This is a game tent, so it has different games like tic-tac-toe which they can play with each other!

[lasso link=”B07YW73LQL” title=”NASA T Shirt” link_id=”449″ id=”5069″ ref=”market-trendz-official-logo-nasa-i-need-my-space-nasa-t-shirts-for-men-blue-on-navy-x-large”]

You’ve probably see a ton of different NASA t shirts out there, however there are different versions that you can find too. Thee t shirts are comfortable and pretty cool, and they come in a variety of different colors too. A good t shirt can keep your kids happy and proud of their interest in astronomy.

[lasso link=”B07BW31JTN” title=”Planets Mug” link_id=”451″ id=”5066″ ref=”heat-changing-planet-mug-add-coffee-or-tea-and-the-solar-system-appears-comes-in-a-fun-gift-box”]

Every kid needs their own personal mug for their hot drinks. Most mugs are plain and boring, however kids will love this mug as it reveals details about the planets and the solar system when it’s heated up. So, they can learn about space whilst they’re drinking their hot chocolate.

[lasso link=”B07MJRK6Q3″ title=”Astronomy Astronaut Night Light” link_id=”453″ id=”5095″ ref=”spaceman-3d-night-light-astronaut-rocket-optical-illusion-lamp-home-decor-bedroom-light-with-remote-control-16-colors-changing-xmas-birthday-gift-for-outer-space-fan”]

If you have younger kids, then you might want to consider getting them this astronaut night light. This can be a good addition to any kids room, and it also provides a practical use too for younger kids. It also comes with a remote control which enables you to change the color of the astronaut, too.

[lasso link=”B07M9CX2H8″ title=”Spaceman Lunch Box” link_id=”455″ id=”5089″ ref=”packit-freezable-classic-lunch-box-spaceman”]

Every astronomy obsessed kid needs a spaceman lunch box to take to school with them. This lunch box is large enough to fit their lunch in comfortably, but still enough to fit into a rucksack. Another good thing about this spaceman lunchbox is that you can easily put it in the freezer overnight too, if you want to keep the contents of the lunchbox cool the next day.

[lasso link=”B0818HMC87″ title=”Space Watch” link_id=”457″ id=”5067″ ref=”kids-astronaut-watch-for-boys-kids-outer-space-rocket-gifts-cute-nasa-analog-outdoor-watches-for-ages-3-10-9-year-little-toddler-children”]

Any kid will love a space related watch – this is perfect for kids below the age of 10. Of course, it’s cheap and it’s not the best quality, but your child will undoubtedly think they’re the coolest when they’re wearing their watch. Plus, it can be a good way to help really young kids learn to tell the time!

The Wrap Up

All in all, these are just a few of the best astronomy-related gifts that are currently out there that you can purchase. Of course, there are a ton more out there for you to choose from, however hopefully these astronomy gifts will help you find something great for your child.