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Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna “Bo-Yo”

Tucked away in the heart of Vienna lies a chocolate haven, the Chocolate Museum ‘BO-YO,’ where participants can unleash their inner Willy Wonka in a hands-on workshop like no other.

Discover the secrets of crafting delectable chocolate creations while surrounded by the rich history and aroma of cocoa.

But that’s just the beginning – there’s a surprise twist awaiting those who venture into this chocolate paradise.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your inner chocolatier at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘BO-YO.’

Key Points

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Key Points

  • Hands-on chocolate making experience with 3 unique bars
  • Learn to make original Xocolatl like the ancient Aztecs
  • Workshop led by qualified instructors at Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘Bo-Yo’
  • Cancellation possible up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

Workshop Location and Duration

The Chocolate Workshop at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘Bo-Yo’ offers participants a hands-on chocolate making experience coupled with a guided tour of the museum, all within a specified duration. During the workshop, visitors get to engage in the art of chocolate making, creating their own unique chocolate bars totaling 300g with various decorations. Plus, they’ve the opportunity to make the original Xocolatl using tools and techniques reminiscent of the ancient Aztecs.

The guided tour provides an in-depth exploration of the museum, enhancing the overall chocolate-making experience. The duration of the workshop allows for a comprehensive hands-on experience in chocolate crafting while immersing participants in the rich history and culture of chocolate through museum exploration.

Instructors and Workshop Availability

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Instructors and Workshop Availability

Amidst the tantalizing world of chocolate crafting at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘Bo-Yo,’ skilled instructors eagerly await to guide participants through the immersive workshop experience. The instructors at the workshop hold impressive qualifications, with backgrounds in chocolatiering, confectionery arts, and a deep passion for all things chocolate. Participants can benefit from their expertise and learn valuable skills in chocolate making.

  • Instructors Qualifications:
  • Chocolatiering background
  • Confectionery arts expertise
  • Passion for chocolate craftsmanship

When planning to attend a workshop, it’s advisable to check the schedule ahead of time, considering the availability of workshops and any upcoming events that might affect the timings. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Workshop Inclusions and Refreshments

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Workshop Inclusions and Refreshments

As participants explore the chocolate workshop at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘Bo-Yo,’ they can anticipate a hands-on experience that includes creating three unique chocolate bars, each garnished with various decorations, and crafting the original Xocolatl in the ancient Aztec style.

The workshop also offers a delightful chocolate tasting session where participants can savor different varieties of chocolate. Alongside the hands-on experience, you will be provided with all the necessary materials and ingredients, as well as access to tools and equipment to bring their chocolate creations to life.

Plus, refreshments will be offered during the workshop to keep participants energized and refreshed as they enjoy the world of chocolate making.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Meeting and Pickup Information

Upon arrival at the workshop location at Schönbrunner Str. 99 in Vienna, you will be greeted by the team from Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘Bo-Yo’ for an exciting chocolate-making experience.

  • Meeting Point: Participants should head to Schönbrunner Str. 99, 1050 Wien, Austria for the workshop.
  • Closest Metro Station: The nearest Metro station is U4- Pilgramgasse, offering convenient access.
  • End Point: The workshop concludes back at the meeting point, providing a seamless experience for attendees.

This central meeting location ensures easy access for participants, with clear directions and a nearby Metro station making it a convenient starting point for the chocolate-making adventure.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Cancellation Policy and Refunds

The workshop offers a comprehensive cancellation policy with clear guidelines for refunds and changes to bookings. Participants have refund options available if they need to cancel their attendance. Cancellations made up to 24 hours in advance of the workshop will receive a full refund.

However, if a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start time, no refund will be provided. It’s important to note that changes to bookings made less than 24 hours prior to the workshop won’t be accepted.

Plus, there may be cancellation fees applied for last-minute changes or cancellations, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly to avoid any unforeseen costs.

Additional Information and Reviews

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Additional Information and Reviews

Discover what travelers are saying about their experience at the Bo-Yo Chocolate Museum in Vienna and find out more detailed information about the workshop and its offerings.

Visitors have praised the workshop for its interactive and educational experience, where they get to create their own unique chocolate bars and learn about the history of chocolate making.

The workshop highlights include:

  • Engaging hands-on chocolate making experience
  • Knowledgeable and friendly instructors
  • Opportunity to taste and create the original Xocolatl like the ancient Aztecs

Visitors can also enjoy a guided tour of the museum, refreshments, and take home souvenirs or samples. With a maximum of 30 travelers per tour, the workshop ensures an intimate and personalized experience for all participants.

Common questions

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Common questions

Can Participants Bring Their Own Ingredients or Customize Their Chocolate Bars During the Workshop?

Participants cannot bring their own ingredients to customize their chocolate bars during the workshop. However, the workshop offers customization options within the provided materials and ingredients, allowing for a unique and creative chocolate-making experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants Looking to Join the Workshop?

Age restrictions apply to participants; children as young as 3-5 can attend, but those under ten require adult supervision. Customization options for chocolate bars are limited to the workshop’s set designs and ingredients provided, ensuring a cohesive learning experience.

Is There a Dress Code or Any Specific Attire Requirements for the Workshop?

When attending the chocolate making workshop at Bo-Yo Chocolate Museum, participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for hands-on activities. Dress suggestions include wearing clothes that can get messy while creating delicious chocolate treats.

Are There Any Photo or Video Restrictions During the Workshop?

During the workshop, participants are encouraged to capture memories but must adhere to photography guidelines. To respect workshop etiquette, avoid disrupting others. Share your chocolate creations with pride, remembering to be courteous and mindful of fellow chocolatiers.

Can Participants Purchase Additional Chocolate Products or Souvenirs From the Museum After the Workshop?

Participants can indulge in post-workshop chocolate tasting and souvenir shopping at the museum. They have the option to customize flavors and explore ingredient flexibility in their purchases, ensuring a delightful and personalized experience to take home.

Last Words

Chocolate Workshop in Chocolate Museum Vienna "Bo-Yo" - Last Words

Indulge in a sweet and educational experience at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘BO-YO’ with their hands-on chocolate workshop. With expert instructors, exciting activities, and a guided tour of the museum, participants are sure to have a memorable time.

From creating personalized chocolate bars to learning about the history of chocolate, this workshop offers something for all. Don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity to learn about the world of chocolate at the Chocolate Museum Vienna ‘BO-YO’.