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Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk

Under the enchanting canopy of Costa Rica’s rainforest, the ‘Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk’ tour beckons with promises of nocturnal discoveries.

Led by seasoned guides, you will navigate through the shadows, uncovering the secrets of Arenals wild frog sanctuary.

As the night unfolds, a symphony of sounds serenades the explorers, hinting at the hidden treasures awaiting in the darkness.

Stay tuned to learn how this immersive experience unveils the mysteries of the rainforest under the veil of night, promising an evening filled with intrigue and adventure.

Key Points

Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk - Key Points

  • Experience nocturnal encounters with 28 frog species in Arenal’s wild frog sanctuary.
  • Enjoy the symphony of rainforest sounds and observe diverse wildlife at night.
  • Led by experienced guides, explore secrets of the private nature reserve.
  • Capture mesmerizing wildlife moments through immersive wildlife photography opportunities.

Experience Details

Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk - Experience Details

Set out on a guided walking tour through Arenal’s wild frog sanctuary to learn about the vibrant sounds and sights of the rainforest at night. This experience promises a symphony of rainforest sounds that come alive as darkness falls.

As you wander through the lush greenery, be prepared for enchanting nocturnal encounters with various animals, insects, and reptiles. The sanctuary boasts 28 species of frogs dwelling in the fresh water ponds, adding an element of mystery and wonder to your journey.

Explore the secrets of this private nature reserve, lovingly maintained by the Rojas Bonilla family, as you uncover the magic of the rainforest under the cloak of night.


During the Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk, you will be provided with bottled water and a flashlight for the night tour, with the option to purchase alcoholic drinks along the way.

The guided tour offers a fantastic opportunity for wildlife photography, capturing the vibrant colors and unique features of the various nocturnal creatures encountered. As the night unfolds, the jungle comes alive with an orchestra of night sounds, from the croaking of frogs to the chirping of insects, creating a truly immersive experience.

The inclusion of a flashlight ensures that every fascinating detail of the tour is illuminated, allowing participants to witness the beauty of the rainforest after dark. Whether capturing a stunning wildlife photograph or simply enjoying the enchanting night sounds, this tour promises an unforgettable adventure.

Meeting and Pickup Details

Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk - Meeting and Pickup Details

Participants of the Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk will have the option to either go directly to the meeting point at Callidryas Tours – Costa Rica or request pickup from available points for the tour starting at 06:15 PM.

For those choosing transportation options, the pickup service allows for a convenient start to the evening adventure. Once gathered, participants can look forward to seeing the Costa Rican jungle, where local wildlife sightings are abundant.

From the mesmerizing sounds of the rainforest at night to the chance to observe nocturnal animals, insects, reptiles, and the impressive 28 species of frogs that inhabit the fresh water ponds, the journey promises an unforgettable experience in nature’s nocturnal realm.

Tour Information

Upon arrival at the guided Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk operated by Callidryas Tours, you will receive an admission ticket for the 2-hour tour through Arenal’s wild frog sanctuary.

The tour offers a unique opportunity for wildlife photography enthusiasts to capture the beauty of 28 frog species in their natural habitat. Led by experienced guides, visitors will embark on a thrilling jungle exploration, seeing the sights and sounds of the rainforest at night.

As they venture through the private nature reserve maintained by the Rojas Bonilla family, you will have the chance to observe nocturnal animals, insects, and reptiles.

This engaging tour not only educates about the local ecosystem but also provides a memorable experience for all nature lovers.

Additional Information

To get the most out of the Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk experience, visitors are encouraged to bring insect repellent to ward off any pesky bugs.

In addition, for those interested in wildlife photography, it’s recommended to carry a camera with a flash to capture the vibrant colors of the frogs and other nocturnal creatures.

On top of that, nature conservation enthusiasts will appreciate the efforts made by the Rojas Bonilla family in maintaining the private nature reserve where the tour takes place. By participating in this tour, guests indirectly contribute to the preservation of this unique ecosystem.

Remember to respect the environment and follow the guidelines provided by the tour guides to ensure minimal impact on the delicate balance of the jungle.

Common questions

Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk - Common questions

Are Children Allowed to Join the Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk Tour?

Children are allowed to join the tour, ensuring their safety by adhering to age restrictions and group size limits. Parents should consider safety concerns due to the moderate physical fitness level required during the 2-hour experience.

Can We Take Photos During the Night Tour of the Frog Sanctuary?

Yes, visitors can take photos during the night tour of the frog sanctuary. However, it’s crucial to follow the photography guidelines and be mindful of flash restrictions to not disturb the nocturnal wildlife behavior while using night vision equipment.

Is There a Restroom Available During the Tour?

Restroom facilities are available during the tour for convenience. Tour logistics ensure a smooth experience with designated stops. Participants can easily access necessary amenities while exploring the frog sanctuary and the vibrant night activities of the rainforest.

Are There Any Safety Precautions We Should Be Aware of for the Night Walk?

For the night walk, it’s essential to remember that night vision takes time to adjust. Use the flashlight sparingly to avoid blinding nocturnal creatures. Respect the darkness and let your eyes adapt to the jungle’s natural light.

Can We Expect to See Any Other Wildlife Besides Frogs During the Tour?

During the tour, participants can expect to encounter a variety of wildlife besides frogs. From bird spotting to the opportunity for wildlife photography, the jungle night walk offers a chance to observe nocturnal animals and explore the jungle.

Last Words

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on a thrilling adventure with the ‘Frog Watching Jungle Night Walk’ tour in Costa Rica. Enjoy the enchanting rainforest at night, observe nocturnal animals, and learn about the conservation efforts of the Rojas Bonilla family.

With experienced guides, transportation, and inclusions such as a flashlight and bottled water, this tour promises to be an educational and exhilarating experience. Prepare for an unforgettable evening filled with nature’s wonders and wildlife encounters.