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Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt

Set out on a journey like no other in the heart of Savannah with the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt.

This meticulously designed experience invites you to uncover the city’s hidden stories and secrets while engaging in a captivating team challenge.

From unraveling puzzles to discovering historical landmarks, this adventure promises a unique blend of fun and exploration.

Stay tuned as we reveal the intricate details that make this scavenger hunt an unforgettable escapade in the charming streets of Savannah.

Key Points

Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt - Key Points

  • Exciting and interactive adventure for team bonding
  • Enhances teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Accessible pricing and booking options for all participants
  • Inclusive experience with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity

Event Overview

Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt - Event Overview

Set out on an exciting and interactive adventure with the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt, starting outside in front of the designated location. Teams will engage in various team challenges while exploring the city’s iconic local landmarks.

The scavenger hunt offers a unique opportunity to discover hidden gems and historical sites scattered throughout Savannah. Participants can expect to unravel clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks that will test their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

As teams navigate through the city streets, they will encounter famous landmarks that showcase the rich history and culture of Savannah. From historic squares to architectural marvels, the scavenger hunt promises an unforgettable experience filled with fun and exploration for all participants.

Pricing Details

Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt - Pricing Details

The Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt offers pricing starting from $17.60, with a savings of $4.40 available at $22.00 for participants looking to embark on this interactive adventure. For those seeking budget options, this scavenger hunt provides a cost comparison to suit various preferences. The pricing structure ensures that you can enjoy the experience without breaking the bank.

By offering different price points, the hunt caters to a wide range of participants, making it an accessible and affordable activity for all. Whether opting for the basic package or the discounted rate, attendees can expect an engaging and fun-filled adventure through the charming streets of Savannah.

Explore the city in a cost-effective manner and enjoy the thrill of the hunt without overspending.

Booking Confirmation

Upon completing your reservation, you will promptly receive a booking confirmation for the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt, ensuring a seamless start to your upcoming adventure.

  • Mobile Check-In: Easily check in on your smartphone to kick-off the scavenger hunt hassle-free.

  • Group Discounts: Enjoy special discounts when booking for a group, making it a perfect team-building activity.

  • Interactive Clues: Engage with interactive clues that will lead your team through the exciting challenges of the hunt.

  • Team Building: Foster teamwork and collaboration among team members as you work together to solve clues and complete tasks.

  • Confirmation Details: Your confirmation will include all necessary information to prepare for the adventure, ensuring a smooth start to the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt.

Accessibility Information

For participants with accessibility needs, ensuring a smooth and inclusive experience during the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt is of utmost importance. The scavenger hunt is wheelchair accessible, allowing individuals with mobility challenges to fully participate in the adventure.

Plus, service animals are permitted to accompany participants, ensuring that those who rely on these animals for assistance can enjoy the experience without any hindrances. This commitment to accessibility ensures that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, can join in the fun and excitement of the scavenger hunt.

Equipment Requirements

To ensure a seamless participation experience, all teams embarking on the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt must equip themselves with a fully charged smartphone equipped with GPS capabilities. Teams are required to adhere to the smartphone requirement for the duration of the scavenger hunt to navigate the city and complete challenges effectively.

To manage the charging logistics effectively, participants are advised to carry portable chargers or ensure access to charging facilities during breaks.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the equipment requirements:

  • Fully charged smartphone with GPS capabilities
  • Portable charger for backup
  • Access to charging facilities during breaks
  • Ensure the smartphone is in good working condition
  • Familiarize team members with GPS navigation features.

Make sure your team is well-prepared to engage in the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt!

Group Size Limit

Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt - Group Size Limit

The Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt imposes a maximum group size limit of 30 travelers per tour/activity to ensure an optimal and enjoyable experience for all participants. Maintaining a manageable group size allows for better team dynamics and fosters a competitive spirit among participants.

Key Points Description Importance
Team Dynamics Small groups promote better communication and collaboration among team members. Enhances overall experience.
Competitive Spirit Limited group size encourages friendly competition and active participation. Boosts engagement and excitement.
Personalized Attention Smaller groups enable guides to provide individualized assistance and attention to each participant. Improves customer satisfaction.

Refund Policy

Ensuring customer satisfaction and clarity, our refund policy for the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt offers a full refund when cancellations are made 24 hours in advance. Customers can expect a straightforward and efficient refund process.

To provide transparency and keep our policy up to date, we regularly review and implement any necessary policy updates.

Here are some key points regarding our refund policy:

  • Full refund available for cancellations made 24 hours in advance
  • Efficient refund process in place
  • Regular reviews and updates to the policy
  • Clear guidelines for when refunds are applicable
  • Transparent communication of any policy changes

Cancellation Rules

Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt - Cancellation Rules

Building upon our commitment to customer satisfaction, the cancellation rules for the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt outline the specific guidelines regarding reservation adjustments. Customers can refer to the following table for details:

Cancellation Rules Details Notes
Refund Eligibility Full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance No changes accepted less than 24 hours before
Rescheduling Options No refund if canceled less than 24 hours before Cut-off times based on local time
Weather Related Cancellations Learn more about cancellations
Emergency Protocols

These rules ensure transparency and clarity on refund eligibility, rescheduling options, weather-related cancellations, and emergency protocols.

Tour Last Words

Upon reaching the culmination of the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt, you will find themselves filled with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as they reflect on the memorable experiences and challenges encountered throughout the tour. The tour conclusion marks the end of the scavenger hunt fun and team bonding, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable memories and strengthened camaraderie. As teams gather at the final point, they can reminisce about the tour highlights and share stories of memorable moments. The conclusion of the tour is not just an endpoint but a celebration of the journey taken together. Participants leave with a deeper connection to the city of Savannah and to each other.

  • Reflect on the unforgettable experiences
  • Celebrate the strengthened team bonds
  • Share stories of memorable moments
  • Appreciate the tour highlights
  • Depart with a deeper connection to Savannah and each other

Common questions

Can Participants Bring Their Own Snacks and Drinks on the Scavenger Hunt?

Participants are welcome to bring their own snacks and drinks on the scavenger hunt. While specific food options and drink choices are not provided, participants can enjoy picnics at designated spots and take refreshment breaks as needed throughout the activity.

Is There a Time Limit to Complete the Scavenger Hunt, or Can Participants Take Their Time?

Participants have the flexibility to manage their time during the scavenger hunt, allowing for leisurely exploration. There is no set time limit, enabling individuals to pace themselves, enjoy the experience, and engage fully in the adventure.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Recommendations for Participants?

There are no specific age restrictions for participation in this activity. However, it is recommended that participants be able to comfortably walk and engage in interactive challenges. Most travelers can partake in this experience.

Are There Any Restrooms Available Along the Scavenger Hunt Route?

Restroom locations along the scavenger hunt route are strategically planned for participant convenience. Hydration breaks are incorporated, ensuring participants can stay energized throughout the activity. Adequate facilities and planned breaks contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Is the Scavenger Hunt Suitable for Solo Participants, or Is It Recommended to Participate in a Group?

The scavenger hunt can be equally enjoyable for solo participants and groups. While solo participants can enjoy the challenge alone, group participation adds a social element, fostering collaboration, shared experiences, and friendly competition.

Last Words

To sum it up, the Savannah Shenanigans Scavenger Hunt offers a captivating and educational experience for participants to explore the historic streets of Savannah.

With wheelchair accessibility, service animal accommodation, and a team-based challenge, the hunt caters to a diverse range of adventurers.

Ensure a seamless journey by equipping each team with the necessary equipment and familiarizing yourself with the cancellation policy.

Embark on this thrilling adventure to uncover hidden gems and learn about the culture of Savannah.