1 snorkelling and glass bottom boat at green island from cairns Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns
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Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns

Set out on a journey where the wonders of the underwater world meet the comfort of a boat deck at Green Island from Cairns.

Imagine the thrill of snorkeling in the vibrant marine life habitat or gliding gracefully above the colorful coral formations on a glass-bottom boat.

The possibilities for exploration and relaxation are endless at this tropical paradise, where nature’s beauty unfolds beneath the crystal-clear waters.

Stay tuned to discover how this unique experience can elevate your connection to the marine realm.

Key Points

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Key Points

  • Green Island offers snorkeling for 4 hours and a Glass Bottom Boat experience with marine life sightings.
  • Visitors can enjoy over 120 plant species, colorful birds, and day facilities like a pool bar and restaurant.
  • Booking provides flexibility with free cancellation up to 24 hours before the experience starts.
  • Experience Green Island’s reef and rainforest in 7 or 5-hour durations with wildlife encounters.

Trip Highlights

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Trip Highlights

Set out on a journey filled with vibrant marine life and captivating underwater views during the snorkeling and glass bottom boat experience at Green Island from Cairns. Green Island boasts an impressive marine biodiversity, offering visitors the chance to witness colorful coral viewing up close. The eco-friendly practices in place ensure that this stunning ecosystem remains preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Plus, birdwatching opportunities abound on the island, with over 120 plant species attracting a variety of colorful birds. As you explore the crystal-clear waters surrounding Green Island, be prepared to encounter a rich array of marine life while engaging in sustainable tourism practices that prioritize the well-being of this unique environment.

Booking and Reservation Details

Discovering the wonders of Green Island’s snorkeling and glass bottom boat experience begins with securing your booking and reservation details, ensuring a seamless journey to this vibrant marine paradise from Cairns.

Payment methods accepted for booking include major credit cards and online payment platforms. Age restrictions apply, with participants typically needing to be at least 12 years old for snorkeling and glass bottom boat adventures.

Equipment provided for snorkeling includes masks, fins, and snorkels, ensuring a comfortable and safe underwater exploration. The privacy policy ensures that personal information is securely handled and protected throughout the booking process.

Cancellation Policy

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Cancellation Policy

When considering the cancellation policy for the Green Island snorkeling and glass bottom boat experience, visitors can expect a full refund if the cancellation is made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled activity.

It’s important to note that any changes made less than 24 hours before the experience won’t be accepted. The refund process is straightforward; if visitors need to cancel, as long as it’s done within the specified time frame, they can expect their money back.

However, if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the activity, unfortunately, no refund will be provided. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to plan accordingly to ensure they can fully enjoy the snorkeling and glass bottom boat adventure without any issues regarding the change policy.

Tour Inclusions and Exclusions

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Tour Inclusions and Exclusions

Transitioning from the cancellation policy details, visitors booking the Green Island snorkeling and glass bottom boat experience can gain insight into the tour inclusions and exclusions. When embarking on this adventure, you will be provided with snorkeling gear and enjoy a delicious lunch amidst the stunning surroundings. Wildlife encounters are a common occurrence during the tour, offering a chance to witness the diverse marine life up close. On top of that, the tour also emphasizes environmental initiatives to promote conservation efforts. Below is a breakdown of the tour inclusions and exclusions:

Inclusions Exclusions
Snorkelling Gear Hotel Pickup
Wildlife Encounters
Environmental Initiatives

Additional Information

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Additional Information

For visitors eager to delve deeper into the wonders of Green Island, additional information regarding the island’s unique attractions and activities awaits exploration.

  1. Wildlife Encounters: Green Island offers opportunities for visitors to encounter a diverse range of wildlife, including colorful birds, marine creatures, and possibly even sea turtles during snorkeling excursions.

  2. Marine Conservation Efforts: The island is dedicated to marine conservation, with initiatives in place to protect the fragile ecosystem. Visitors can learn about these efforts and how they can contribute to preserving the marine environment.

  3. Guided Tours: Guided tours are available for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Green Island’s flora, fauna, and conservation projects. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the island’s unique attributes and the importance of protecting its natural beauty.

Common questions

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Common questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Snorkeling and the Glass Bottom Boat Tour at Green Island?

Age restrictions apply for both snorkelling and the glass bottom boat tour at Green Island. Participants must meet the specified age requirements. Equipment options for both activities are available to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Can I Bring My Own Snorkeling Gear or Do I Have to Use the Provided Gear?

Visitors can bring their own snorkeling gear or opt for the provided equipment options. Guests have the flexibility to choose based on preference and comfort. Enjoy the convenience of using personal gear or trying the gear offered.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Glass Bottom Boat?

Restroom availability on the glass bottom boat tour is essential for comfort. The tour ensures age restrictions are adhered to, offers quality snorkeling gear, provides ample photo opportunities, and follows Green Island rules for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines or Rules to Follow While Snorkeling at Green Island?

When snorkeling at Green Island, visitors must adhere to guidelines and safety measures provided. These include respecting marine life, staying within designated areas, and using proper snorkeling equipment. Safety briefings are conducted before the activity.

Are There Any Opportunities for Photos to Be Taken During the Snorkeling and Glass Bottom Boat Tour?

Opportunities for photos can be found during the snorkeling and Glass Bottom Boat tour, allowing guests to capture stunning underwater photography and observe marine life up close. The experience offers a chance for memorable moments.

Last Words

Snorkelling and Glass Bottom Boat at Green Island From Cairns - Last Words

Experience the best of the Great Barrier Reef with a snorkeling and glass-bottom boat adventure at Green Island from Cairns.

Discover the vibrant marine life and stunning coral gardens in crystal-clear waters just a short catamaran ride away.

With day visitor facilities, delicious dining options, and captivating wildlife encounters, Green Island offers a day of excitement and exploration for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Book your trip now for an unforgettable island experience!