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St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl

Winding through cobblestone streets, the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl immerses participants in a fusion of flavors and stories. Uncover hidden tales of the past while sipping on handcrafted brews in the city’s most charming establishments.

As the tour progresses, guests are treated to more than just ales and lagers; they are transported through time, experiencing St. Augustine like never before. Curious to unearth the secrets that lie within each pint and each historic corner?

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Key Points

St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl - Key Points

  • Experience a fusion of flavors and stories in St. Augustine.
  • Uncover hidden historical tales while sipping on craft brews.
  • Enjoy a well-rounded exploration of beer and history.
  • Small-group tour for a personalized and informative experience.

Tour Highlights

Explore the captivating blend of craft beer tasting and historical exploration on the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl, where local guides lead guests through a journey filled with fascinating stories and flavorful brews.

Participants get the chance to visit historical landmarks while indulging in a variety of craft beers at breweries and bars along the way. The tour provides a unique opportunity to take in the rich history of St. Augustine while enjoying delicious local brews.

From learning about the city’s past to savoring different beer styles, this experience offers a perfect mix of education and entertainment. Whether it’s admiring architectural marvels or sipping on a cold pint, guests are sure to enjoy this dynamic fusion of history and craft beer.

Inclusions and Amenities

St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl - Inclusions and Amenities

Guests on the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl can enjoy a variety of inclusions and amenities, including alcoholic beverages, snacks, bottled water, and the option of wine and/or cider for non-beer drinkers.

The craft beer offerings are a highlight, allowing participants to taste a diverse selection while exploring historical landmarks. This blend of flavors and historical insights creates a unique and engaging experience for visitors.

Along With the beverages, guests are provided with snacks to complement the tastings and bottled water to stay refreshed throughout the tour. The inclusion of wine and cider ensures that all participants can find a drink that suits their preferences, making this crawl a well-rounded and inclusive experience for everyone involved.

Meeting Details

St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl - Meeting Details

The meeting point for the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl is located at 77 Bridge St in St. Augustine, FL 32084, USA, where you will gather to embark on their tour at 02:00 PM.

  • Experience local insights shared by knowledgeable guides.
  • Enjoy a unique tasting experience at breweries and bars.
  • Dive into the history of St. Augustine while savoring craft beer.
  • Enjoy the flavors of the region with this fun and informative tour.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the city’s rich history and taste a variety of craft beers, making this crawl a must-do for anyone looking to explore St. Augustine’s cultural and culinary scene.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations of the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl, a full refund is provided if made 24 hours in advance. If canceled less than 24 hours before the start time, no refund will be issued. Plus, changes are not accepted within 24 hours of the tour commencement. It’s important for participants to plan accordingly to avoid any cancellation fees.

To help illustrate the importance of timely cancellations, the following table outlines the cancellation policy for the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl:

Time of Cancellation Refund
24+ hours before start time Full refund
Less than 24 hours before start time No refund
Changes within 24 hours of start time Not accepted
No-show No refund

In case unexpected circumstances arise, participants should explore alternatives like rescheduling the tour to avoid any financial loss.

Traveler Reviews

Recent participants in the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl have consistently praised the knowledgeable guides, diverse beer selection, and fascinating historical insights provided during the tour.

  • Tasting Preferences: Participants appreciate the variety of craft beer offerings available for sampling.
  • Local Insights: Travelers value the insider facts and stories shared by the guides about St. Augustine’s history.
  • Engaging Experience: Positive feedback highlights the fun and informative nature of the tour.
  • Recommendations: Many reviewers suggest the tour to friends and family as a must-do experience in St. Augustine.

These reviews collectively paint a picture of a well-rounded and enjoyable exploration of beer and history in this charming city.

Pricing and Copyright

St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl - Pricing and Copyright

Exploring the pricing and copyright information for the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl reveals details on cost, ownership rights, and tour booking policies.

Pricing considerations for this unique experience start at $119.00 per person. This fee includes alcoholic beverages, snacks, bottled water, and gratuities, with wine and cider options available for non-beer drinkers. Participants can enjoy a small-group tour led by a local guide, limited to eight people for a personalized touch.

Copyright protection for the tour content is held by Viator, from 1997 to 2024. To book this excursion, travelers should adhere to the terms and conditions provided by Viator, and familiarize themselves with the product code: 218787P1.

Common questions

Are There Any Non-Alcoholic Options Available for Those Who Do Not Drink Beer?

Non-alcoholic options like mocktail choices and alternative beverages are available for those who do not drink beer. This ensures that all participants can enjoy the tour with suitable drink alternatives while exploring historical landmarks.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement to Participate in the Tour?

To participate in the tour, there is a minimum age requirement. The age restriction ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. It’s important to adhere to this rule for tour participation.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Snacks or Beverages on the Tour?

Guests cannot bring their own snacks or beverages on the tour due to rules and regulations. The tour provides alcoholic beverages, snacks, and bottled water. Options like wine and cider are available for non-beer drinkers.

Is There a Dress Code for the Tour?

When considering tour etiquette and appropriate attire, guests should dress comfortably and in layers for various weather conditions. Understanding the cultural significance and historical context of the sites visited will enhance the overall experience.

Are Tips for the Guide Included in the Tour Price or Are They Expected Separately?

Tour etiquette suggests gratuity for a guide is customary but not always included in the tour price. It’s generally expected as a separate payment, offering appreciation for their service and expertise during the experience.

Last Words

St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl - Last Words

Join the St. Augustine Beer & History Crawl for a unique and unforgettable experience in the nation’s oldest city.

With a small group setting, expert guides, and delicious craft beers, this tour offers the perfect blend of entertainment and education.

Don’t miss out on this top-rated adventure that promises to leave you with a deeper appreciation for St. Augustine’s rich history and vibrant beer culture.

Book your tour today and get ready for a memorable journey through time and taste!

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