1 surabaya 4 days mt bromo ijen sukamade turtle drop bali Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali
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Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali

In a world where every corner seems to offer a new and exotic adventure, the ‘4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali’ tour stands out as a gem waiting to be uncovered. As travelers set foot in Surabaya, they are greeted by a tapestry of wonders that promise to captivate the senses.

From the ethereal sunrise at Mount Bromo to the mystical blue fire of Mount Ijen and the heartwarming turtle release at Sukamade beach, this journey is a symphony of nature’s finest. With each moment carefully crafted for exploration, the allure of this expedition is undeniable.

Key Points

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Key Points

  • Witness breathtaking sunrises at Mount Bromo and the mesmerizing blue fire at Mount Ijen
  • Engage in turtle conservation by releasing baby turtles at Sukamade beach
  • Explore local plantations and witness the traditional rubber collection process
  • Enjoy a 4-day adventure with private transport, accommodations, meals, and guided tours

Itinerary Highlights

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Itinerary Highlights

Set out on a thrilling journey through the Surabaya Adventure Tour and explore the breathtaking highlights of the itinerary. Witness mesmerizing sunrise views at Mount Bromo, where the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, creating a truly magical moment.

As the journey continues, prepare to encounter the gentle giants of the sea with turtle encounters at Sukamade beach. Here, you can witness the incredible process of turtle egg laying and even participate in releasing baby turtles back into the ocean.

These unique experiences offer a glimpse into the wonders of nature, making this adventure a must-do for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Inclusions and Logistics

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Inclusions and Logistics

As travelers enjoy the Surabaya Adventure Tour, the comprehensive inclusions and logistics ensure a seamless and unforgettable exploration of Mount Bromo, Ijen, Sukamade, and Bali.

  • Private Guides: Engage with knowledgeable English-speaking local guides at Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen to enhance your experience.

  • Accommodation Options: Choose from a range of accommodation options including Lava View Lodge, Grand Harvest Resort Villas, and Wisma Sukamade Plantation for a comfortable stay.

  • Private Car and 4WD Vehicles: Enjoy the convenience of private transportation with AC, driver, parking, and toll fees included, along with private 4WD vehicles for sunrise tours at Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

  • Entry Tickets: Benefit from included entry tickets to Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, and Sukamade, saving you time and hassle during your adventure.

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Important Restrictions

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Important Restrictions

Travelers on the Surabaya Adventure Tour should be mindful of certain restrictions that may affect their experience, including periodic closures of Mount Ijen and specific dates when Mount Bromo is inaccessible for religious reasons. Safety precautions are essential, such as using professional gas masks at Mount Ijen due to potential gas exposure. While wildlife encounters are common, there are no guarantees for sightings. Environmental conservation is key, with an emphasis on respecting local culture during interactions. Basic accommodations at Sukamade lack luxuries like hot showers or air conditioning, highlighting the importance of embracing simplicity during the stay.

Restrictions Details
Mount Ijen Closure Fridays of the 1st week monthly
Mount Bromo Closure Specific religious dates
Wildlife Encounters Possible but not guaranteed
Safety Precautions Gas masks required at Mount Ijen for protection

Booking Details

How can one secure their reservation for the Surabaya Adventure Tour and what does it include?

To secure a spot on the tour, you can choose to reserve now and pay later. The package includes private transport, accommodations, meals, and entry tickets. For those looking to surprise a loved one, this adventure tour makes an ideal gift for adventure seekers or nature enthusiasts.

  • Payment options:

  • Reserve now, pay later

  • Flexible payment plans available

  • Gift ideas:

  • Perfect for adventure seekers

  • Ideal for nature enthusiasts

Directions and Recommendations

For travelers embarking on the Surabaya Adventure Tour, knowing the directions and receiving recommendations can enhance their overall experience. Travel tips include being prepared for moderate fitness levels, as 2-3 hour hikes are involved.

Local cuisine is a must-try, with traditional Javanese dishes like Nasi Goreng and Sate being popular choices. When traveling between destinations, private cars with AC and English-speaking guides ensure a comfortable journey.

For those visiting Mount Ijen, it’s essential to remember that the site is closed on Fridays of the 1st week every month. Safety measures, such as professional gas masks at Mount Ijen, are provided for visitors.

Common questions

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Common questions

Are There Any Specific Clothing or Gear Recommendations for the Hikes at Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen?

For the hikes at Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen, it is essential to wear proper attire and sturdy footwear. Pack necessary equipment like a headlamp, warm layers, and a camera. Stay comfortable and safe while enjoying the stunning landscapes.

Can Vegetarian or Special Dietary Meal Requests Be Accommodated During the Tour?

Vegetarian or special dietary meal requests can be accommodated during the tour. Travelers can enjoy diverse culinary experiences by informing their guides in advance. The team ensures food preferences are met to enhance the overall journey.

Is There Any Wi-Fi or Cell Phone Reception Available at the Accommodations in Cemoro Lawang, Tamansari Village, and Sukamade?

Wi-Fi and cell phone reception are limited at accommodations in Cemoro Lawang, Tamansari village, and Sukamade. Guests should expect minimal connectivity options. Disconnect from technology and immerse in nature during this adventure-packed tour.

Are There Any Optional Activities or Excursions Available in the Surrounding Areas of Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, and Sukamade?

Optional excursions near Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, and Sukamade offer rich local culture experiences. Explore Tengger Sand Sea near Bromo, coffee plantations by Ijen, and traditional village life close to Sukamade. Immerse in Indonesia’s diverse heritage.

Is There a Maximum Group Size for the Tour, and Will There Be Opportunities for Solo Travelers to Join a Group?

For group dynamics, the tour accommodates various sizes. Solo travelers can join inclusive experiences. The tour offers opportunities for both group participation and individual exploration. It ensures a mix of social interactions and personal adventures.

Last Words

Surabaya : 4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali - Last Words

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the stunning landscapes of Surabaya with the ‘4 Days Mt Bromo Ijen & Sukamade Turtle Drop Bali’ tour.

From witnessing breathtaking sunrises to participating in turtle conservation efforts, this adventure offers a perfect blend of nature and culture.

With expert guides and comfortable accommodations, travelers can rest assured that they’ll have a seamless and memorable experience.

Book now for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting beauty of Surabaya.

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