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Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace

Visiting Copenhagen may seem overwhelming due to its abundance of attractions, but a guided tour focusing on its highlights, including Christiansborg Palace, offers a structured and insightful way to explore the city.

From the grandeur of the palace to the charm of Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s allure is undeniable. However, unlocking the secrets of Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, provides a unique perspective on the country’s governance and royalty.

Discover why this architectural gem is a must-see and how it adds to the tapestry of Copenhagen’s storied past and vibrant present.

Key Points

Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace - Key Points

  • Private tour with expert guide exploring Copenhagen’s iconic sites
  • Dive into history at Christiansborg Palace and enjoy Danish cuisine
  • Convenient pickup, transportation, and visits to key landmarks
  • Cancellation policy emphasizes advance notice for refunds and changes

Tour Inclusions

Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace - Tour Inclusions

Included in the tour are a private professional tour guide for 4 hours and a private tourist-class vehicle for 4 hours, offering an immersive experience of Copenhagen’s highlights and a guided tour of Christiansborg Palace.

The tour provides an opportunity to explore the rich history of the palace, which has housed the Danish Parliament for centuries and showcases stunning architecture and royal artifacts.

Plus, visitors can savor local cuisine during the tour, sampling traditional Danish dishes that offer a taste of the region’s culinary delights.

This combination of historical exploration and gastronomic experiences ensures that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of Copenhagen’s cultural heritage while enjoying its flavorful offerings.

Meeting and Pickup

Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace - Meeting and Pickup

Embarking on the Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace tour, participants can anticipate a seamless start as they prepare for pickup at designated points, including the port of Copenhagen and city center hotels. Transportation options for pickup include private tourist-class vehicles, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey to the meeting point.

Once there, visitors will be greeted by a guide holding a sign for easy recognition. This initial meeting sets the stage for a day filled with exploration of local attractions. From the charming Little Mermaid Statue to the grand Amalienborg Castle and the vibrant Tivoli Gardens, participants are in for a treat.

The itinerary also includes visits to Town Hall Square and Christiansborg Palace, offering a comprehensive experience of Copenhagen’s top sights.

Itinerary Highlights

Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace - Itinerary Highlights

Upon embarking on the Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace tour, you will explore a captivating exploration of the city’s most iconic landmarks and attractions. The itinerary features a private tour vehicle with a knowledgeable guide providing commentary as guests visit the Statue sightseeing spots like the famous Little Mermaid Statue, Amalienborg Castle, and Tivoli Gardens.

Exploring further, travelers will have the opportunity for Palace exploration at Christiansborg Palace, seeing its rich history and grandeur. Plus, the tour includes stops at Town Hall Square, Stroget, Kongens Nytorv public square, and Nyhavn, offering a comprehensive experience of Copenhagen’s vibrant culture and history.

This well-rounded itinerary ensures that visitors make the most of their time in this enchanting city.

Cancellation Policy

Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace - Cancellation Policy

Participants booking the Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace tour should be aware of the specific cancellation policies in place for this experience. To be eligible for a full refund, cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the start time.

Any changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the tour commencement won’t be refunded. It’s crucial to adhere to these guidelines as the policy enforcement is strict regarding the cut-off times based on local time.

Participants are advised to plan accordingly and communicate any modifications well in advance to ensure refund eligibility. Understanding and following the cancellation policy is essential to avoid any financial implications and ensure a smooth experience with the tour operator.

Additional Information

For a smooth and well-informed experience with the Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace tour, visitors can refer to the Viator Help Center for any questions or clarifications they may have. Viator customer service is readily available to assist with any inquiries regarding the tour.

The tour is priced starting from $793.50, with pricing varying based on group size. It’s advisable to check the Viator website for the most up-to-date pricing information. The product code for this particular tour is 7348P85.


To navigate through the Copenhagen Highlights and Christiansborg Palace tour seamlessly, visitors can rely on clear and detailed directions provided for exploring the enchanting city of Copenhagen. Here are some essential directions to make the most of your tour:

  • Begin your exploration at the iconic Christiansborg Palace, marveling at its architectural grandeur.
  • Delight your taste buds with local cuisine at one of the charming eateries in the city center.
  • Wander through the historic streets to explore the unique blend of modern and traditional architecture.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the picturesque Nyhavn area, known for its colorful buildings and bustling waterfront restaurants.

Common questions

What Is the Best Time of Day to Visit Christiansborg Palace to Avoid Crowds?

For the best experience at Christiansborg Palace, visitors may prefer early morning for ideal lighting and fewer crowds. Alternatively, late afternoon offers a quiet atmosphere. These times allow for a more intimate exploration of this historical site.

Are There Any Restrictions on Photography Inside Christiansborg Palace?

Photography rules at Christiansborg Palace are essential to maintain its integrity. Visitors should adhere to etiquette to respect the interior design and architecture. Restrictions may apply to certain areas, so it’s advisable to inquire beforehand.

Is There a Recommended Dress Code for Visiting the Sights on This Tour?

When sightseeing in Copenhagen, visitors should adhere to appropriate attire reflecting cultural norms. Dress comfortably yet respectably for the tour. Following dressing etiquette ensures enjoyment of the sights without any restrictions due to clothing choices.

Are There Any Recommended Local Restaurants or Cafes Along the Tour Route for a Quick Bite to Eat?

Local cuisine and hidden gems await along the tour route. Travelers can indulge in culinary delights and immerse in the vibrant coffee culture. From cozy cafes to quaint eateries, Copenhagen offers a spectrum of flavors to explore.

Can the Tour Guide Assist With Recommendations for Additional Activities or Sights to See in Copenhagen After the Tour Is Over?

The tour guide can recommend local cuisine spots, hidden gems, shopping areas, and nightlife venues post-tour. With insider knowledge, they can suggest exciting activities and sights to enhance one’s Copenhagen experience, ensuring a memorable visit.

Last Words

Experience the magic of Copenhagen with a personalized tour that showcases the city’s top attractions and royal heritage. From the iconic Little Mermaid Statue to the opulent rooms of Christiansborg Palace, this tour offers a unique insight into the history and culture of this enchanting city.

With a private guide and comfortable transportation, you’ll uncover the beauty and charm of Copenhagen in a way that’s both informative and unforgettable. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Copenhagen’s highlights and learn about its vibrant atmosphere.

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