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Irish Baking Class – Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes

In a quaint kitchen tucked away in the vibrant streets of Dublin, Sarah, a visitor from New York, found herself surrounded by the tantalizing scents of cinnamon and apples.

As she eagerly rolled out dough for scones, the instructor, Emily Lavelle, shared stories of her grandmother’s cherished recipes.

The class was a delightful blend of tradition and innovation, leaving Sarah with a newfound appreciation for Irish baking techniques.

Intrigued to discover more about the secrets behind Granny’s Apple Cake and Scones?

Key Points

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Key Points

  • Expert guidance from baker Emily Lavelle enhances traditional Irish baking skills.
  • Interactive learning experience delves into culinary history and cultural significance.
  • Hands-on exploration of baking techniques for Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones.
  • Small class size ensures personalized attention and immersive learning environment.

Event Overview

The Irish Baking Class featuring Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones offers a delightful hands-on experience where participants can learn to create traditional Irish treats under the guidance of expert baker Emily Lavelle.

During the class, attendees will explore the rich culinary history and cultural significance of these beloved recipes. Emily will share baking techniques and recipe variations that have been passed down through generations, providing insights into the art of Irish baking.

Participants can expect to not only learn how to make delicious apple cake and scones but also to understand the importance of these treats in Irish culture. This immersive experience is a perfect blend of learning and indulgence, giving a taste of Ireland’s flavorful heritage.

Logistics and Accessibility Details

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Logistics and Accessibility Details

To ensure a seamless experience, participants of the Irish Baking Class – Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones can expect clear communication regarding logistics and accessibility arrangements for the hands-on baking session led by expert baker Emily Lavelle.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Unfortunately, this event isn’t wheelchair accessible.
  • Stroller Accessible: Strollers can easily navigate the location.
  • Service Animals Allowed: Participants may bring service animals.
  • Near Public Transportation: Convenient access to public transportation options makes reaching the meeting point hassle-free.

Traveler photos can capture the memorable moments of the baking class, enhancing the overall experience. The event, limited to a maximum of six travelers, ensures an intimate setting for personalized instruction by Emily Lavelle.

Cancellation Policy Information

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Cancellation Policy Information

When canceling the Irish Baking Class – Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones experience, travelers can receive a full refund by notifying at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the class, unfortunately, no refund will be provided. It’s essential to plan accordingly to avoid any financial loss. In case you need to make changes or explore alternative recipes, consider reaching out to the organizer promptly. Below is a table with cooking tips to enhance your baking skills:

Cooking Tips Description Benefits
Use cold butter Helps create flaky scones and a crumbly texture Improved texture
Add cinnamon sugar Sprinkle over apple cake for a sweet crunch Enhanced flavor
Brush with egg wash Before baking, gives a golden finish Aesthetic appeal

These tips can elevate your baking experience and result in delicious treats.

Reviews and Ratings Summary

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Reviews and Ratings Summary

Upon exploring the reviews and ratings for the Irish Baking Class – Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones, travelers have consistently awarded it a perfect 5.0 rating based on 5 reviews. Here are some insights derived from the reviews:

  1. Recipe tips: Reviewers appreciated the detailed recipe tips provided by the instructor, making it easier for them to replicate the traditional recipes at home.

  2. Baking experience: Many reviewers highlighted that the baking experience was hands-on and engaging, allowing them to learn new techniques and improve their skills.

  3. Interactive learning: Travelers enjoyed the interactive nature of the class, where they could ask questions and receive personalized guidance throughout the baking process.

  4. Delicious outcomes: The majority of reviewers praised the deliciousness of Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones, emphasizing the delightful taste and texture of the final baked goods.

Additional Information and Resources

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Additional Information and Resources

For a rundown of the Irish Baking Class – Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones, travelers can explore additional information and resources to enhance their baking experience.

Traveler Photos allow participants to capture memorable moments during the class, preserving the fun and learning for later enjoyment.

In case of any queries or assistance, the Viator Help Center is readily available to provide support and guidance.

Understanding the product code, 374153P1, can help in identifying the specific class when booking.

The experience, priced from $88.17, offers an affordable and enjoyable way to explore Irish baking traditions.

Familiarizing oneself with the Terms & Conditions and How Viator works can ensure a smooth registration process.

Make the most out of this delightful experience by utilizing these resources effectively.

Common questions

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Common questions

What Is the History Behind Granny’s Apple Cake and Scones in Irish Baking Culture?

The history of Granny’s apple cake and scones is deeply rooted in Irish baking tradition. Passed down through generations, these recipes showcase the essence of Irish culture, with flavors that evoke memories of home and warmth.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions or Allergies That the Baking Class Accommodates?

For dietary accommodations and allergies, the baking class can make ingredient substitutions based on preferences. Participants should inform the instructor in advance to ensure a tailored experience. Enjoy learning to bake without worry.

Will Participants Get to Take Home the Baked Goods They Make in the Class?

Participants in the baking class can happily take home the delicious treats they create. This hands-on experience not only imparts practical baking skills but also allows for a sweet reward to enjoy later.

Are There Any Specific Kitchen Skills or Tools Required for the Baking Class?

Participants should have basic kitchen skills for the Irish Baking Class. Common baking tools like mixing bowls, measuring cups, and spatulas are needed. No advanced expertise required, just a willingness to learn and bake delicious treats.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants in the Irish Baking Class?

The minimum age requirement for participants in the baking class is 18 years. This ensures that all attendees can fully engage in the activities and benefit from the experience. Requirements are in place for a more inclusive session.

Last Words

Irish Baking Class - Grannys Apple Cake & Scones, Traditional Recipes - Last Words

Experience the warmth and charm of Irish baking with Granny’s Apple Cake & Scones class in Dublin.

With a small group setting and expert guidance from Emily Lavelle, participants can savor the rich flavors and traditions of Irish cuisine.

Whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned pro, this hands-on workshop promises a delightful journey through the heart of Irish hospitality.

Don’t miss out on this unique culinary experience that will leave you craving for more.

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