1 phi phi island half day tour from phi phi by longtail boat Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat
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Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat

Despite the compact timeframe of a half-day tour, exploring Phi Phi Island by longtail boat offers a rich and engaging experience for travelers seeking a taste of this tropical paradise. As the boat glides through the azure waters, visitors are treated to iconic sights and hidden gems, promising a memorable adventure.

From the famous Maya Bay to the vibrant underwater world of Pileh Bay, each stop unveils a new facet of Phi Phi’s allure. But what makes this tour truly exceptional? Let’s uncover the highlights that make it a must-do for those craving a glimpse into the beauty of Thailand’s Phi Phi archipelago.

Key Points

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Key Points

  • Small group setting on a traditional longtail boat for an intimate experience.
  • Covers main sights of Phi Phi, including Maya Bay and Monkey Beach.
  • Requires own snorkeling gear and offers snorkeling at Pileh Bay and Loh Samah Bay.
  • Provides diverse customer reviews highlighting scenic beauty and friendly, knowledgeable crew.

Tour Overview

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Tour Overview

Set out on a thrilling journey through the captivating Phi Phi archipelago in Thailand with a half-day boat excursion perfect for island hopping. Travelers will experience the beauty of this renowned destination in a small group setting aboard a traditional longtail boat.

This adventure covers the main sights of the Phi Phi archipelago in a limited timeframe, making it ideal for time-pressed travelers. The activity concludes back at the meeting point, ensuring a convenient end to the exploration.

This tour offers a wonderful opportunity to visit stunning locations such as Koh Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay, Pileh Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Monkey Beach, and Viking Cave, providing a comprehensive island-hopping experience in a short duration.

Tour Itinerary

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Tour Itinerary

Climb aboard a traditional Thai longtail boat at Andaman Beach Resort to kick off the Phi Phi Island half-day tour. The journey includes a visit to Koh Phi Phi Leh and the famous Maya Bay, offering stunning views and photo opportunities.

Travelers can explore the island’s beauty through snorkeling spots like Pileh Bay and Loh Samah Bay, where vibrant marine life awaits. The tour also includes stops at Monkey Beach, known for its playful inhabitants, and Viking Cave, steeped in historical significance.

After a day filled with island exploration and adventure, the longtail boat will return guests to their hotel, concluding the memorable experience.

Additional Information

For those seeking to explore Phi Phi Island on a half-day tour, the experience offers essential details and guidelines to ensure a memorable visit. When embarking on this adventure, visitors should keep in mind the following:

  1. Snorkeling Tips: Remember to bring your own snorkeling gear for a more comfortable and personalized experience. Applying sunscreen before snorkeling can help prevent sunburn while enjoying the underwater sights.

  2. Boat Safety: Listen carefully to the safety briefing provided by the tour guide before setting off. Ensure you have a life jacket that fits properly and always follow the guide’s instructions while on board.

  3. Group Size Limit: The tour accommodates a maximum of 20 travelers, allowing for a more intimate and personalized exploration of Phi Phi Island’s beauty.

Cancellation Policy

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Cancellation Policy

Upon booking the Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour by Longtail Boat, travelers receive confirmation along with detailed information about the cancellation policy. In the event of cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance, a full refund is available. However, if cancellations occur within 24 hours of the tour, no refund is provided. Changes to the booking are also not accepted within 24 hours of the scheduled tour.

It’s important to note that the experience is weather-dependent, meaning that in cases of adverse weather conditions impacting the tour, alternative arrangements may be made. Plus, there’s a minimum traveler requirement for the tour to operate smoothly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all participants.


Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Reviews

Travelers who’ve embarked on the Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour by Longtail Boat have shared their diverse experiences and honest feedback through reviews sourced from platforms like Viator and Tripadvisor. Customer opinions and traveler feedback have been crucial in shaping the expectations of potential visitors. Here are some key points highlighted in the reviews:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Many reviewers praised the stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters around Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay.

  2. Snorkeling Experience: Several travelers mentioned the fantastic snorkeling opportunities in Pileh Bay and Loh Samah Bay.

  3. Friendly Crew: A common theme in the reviews was the friendly and knowledgeable crew members who enhanced the overall tour experience.


Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Directions

Navigating your way to the starting point at Andaman Beach Resort for the Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour by Longtail Boat is straightforward and convenient. From the resort, travelers will board a traditional Thai longtail boat for their adventure.

The boat will cruise through the crystal-clear waters, passing by local landmarks like Koh Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, and Viking Cave. Boat navigation is skillfully handled by experienced local guides who know the waters like the back of their hand.

As the tour progresses, visitors will have the chance to snorkel in Pileh Bay and Loh Samah Bay, soaking in the beauty of the underwater world.

The tour concludes back at the Andaman Beach Resort, providing a seamless and memorable experience for all participants.

Common questions

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Common questions

Are Meals or Snacks Included in the Tour?

When it comes to meals or snacks on the tour, travelers will be delighted to find a selection of local cuisine available. Dietary restrictions can usually be accommodated, providing a culinary experience worth savoring.

Is There a Bathroom on the Longtail Boat?

Yes, there is a bathroom on the longtail boat, offering privacy and convenience. The facilities ensure hygiene standards are met, providing comfort during the tour. Travelers can easily access the bathroom while enjoying the exploration.

Can I Bring My Own Snorkeling Gear?

Yes, visitors can bring their own snorkeling gear on the tour. However, if needed, rental equipment is available from local vendors. It is advisable to check the condition and quality of personal gear before the excursion.

Is There a Photographer on the Tour to Capture Moments?

Photography services on the tour provide group photos and candid shots, creating memory keepsakes for travelers. A photographer captures moments at various stops, ensuring a visual record of the adventure. Group photos and candid shots enhance the tour experience.

Are There Any Opportunities for Shopping or Souvenirs During the Tour?

During the tour, travelers can explore local crafts and beach markets for souvenirs. These opportunities allow visitors to purchase unique items while immersing in the vibrant culture of Phi Phi, enhancing their memories of the experience.

Last Words

Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour From Phi Phi by Longtail Boat - Last Words

Set out on a thrilling Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour from Phi Phi by Longtail Boat for a dynamic exploration of the stunning archipelago. With visits to iconic landmarks like Maya Bay and Monkey Beach, this tour promises an unforgettable experience in Thailand’s paradise.

Book now to learn about crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and Hollywood movie settings, creating memories to last a lifetime. Experience the beauty of Phi Phi with this half-day adventure!

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