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Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience

Nestled like a hidden treasure in the heart of the Hill Country, Udawatte Kele Sanctuary beckons visitors with the promise of a nature experience unlike any other. As the sun filters through the canopy like a soft, golden veil, revealing a world teeming with life, one can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and anticipation.

The sanctuary’s diverse ecosystem offers a glimpse into a world where tranquility and adventure converge seamlessly. But what secrets lie within this emerald oasis, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to venture forth?

Key Points

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Key Points

  • Private guided trek with experienced naturalist guide
  • Abundant birdlife in a serene natural setting
  • Convenient proximity to Kandy
  • Educational experience with three Buddhist forest monasteries

Activity Details

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Activity Details

Set out on a captivating birdwatching and nature trekking adventure at Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, where you can learn about the serene natural setting and explore the remarkable collection of avifauna.

Nature photography enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity to capture stunning shots of the diverse bird species that call this sanctuary home. Wildlife spotting is a common activity here, offering visitors the chance to observe various bird behaviors up close.

The sanctuary’s lush surroundings provide an ideal backdrop for nature photography, making it a paradise for bird enthusiasts and photographers alike. With the guidance of experienced naturalists, visitors can enhance their wildlife spotting skills and learn more about the fascinating avian inhabitants of Udawatta Kele Sanctuary.


Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Inclusions

Visitors to Udawatta Kele Sanctuary can expect a comprehensive package of inclusions designed to enhance their birdwatching and nature trekking experience.

The following are the key inclusions provided:

  1. Birdwatching tips: Guests will receive expert advice on spotting and identifying various bird species, making the most of their birdwatching adventure.

  2. Nature photography techniques: Professional guidance will be offered on capturing the beauty of the sanctuary’s flora and fauna, helping visitors hone their nature photography skills.

  3. Refreshments and energy slabs: Guests can enjoy a selection of refreshments and energy-boosting snacks to keep them fueled and hydrated throughout their exploration of Udawatta Kele Sanctuary.

Booking Information

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Booking Information

To secure your spot for the Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience at Udawatta Kele, simply select the number of participants and desired date for availability check. Payment options include credit card and online transfer. Group discounts are available for bookings of five or more participants. After confirming availability, proceed to payment to finalize your reservation.

The total cost will be displayed, inclusive of any applicable taxes and fees. Keep in mind that gratuity isn’t included and is at your discretion. For larger groups, reach out to inquire about special rates.

Prepare for an immersive journey into nature by reviewing the important information provided on what to bring and know before you go. Get ready to explore Udawatta Kele Sanctuary in Kandy, Sri Lanka, for an unforgettable experience.

Reservation Options

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Reservation Options

For those seeking flexibility and convenience, the reservation options for the Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience at Udawatta Kele offer a range of choices to suit various preferences and needs. Visitors can enjoy the following options:

  1. Reserve now & pay later: Secure a spot without immediate payment.
  2. Book your spot without payment today: Ensure availability without upfront charges.
  3. Gift options: Perfect for surprising a nature enthusiast with a memorable experience.

These options cater to different booking preferences, providing visitors with the freedom to plan their adventure without immediate financial commitments. With payment flexibility and the ability to gift this experience, Udawatta Kele ensures a seamless booking process for all.

Location Details

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Location Details

Nestled within the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, the Udawatta Kele Sanctuary spans over 103 hectares and is situated to the north of Kandy Lake. This sanctuary boasts a remarkable collection of avifauna, making it a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the scenic trails that wind through the sanctuary, offering a serene natural setting for trekking and enjoying the diverse birdlife.

Apart from its avian diversity, Udawatta Kele is home to three Buddhist forest monasteries and cave dwellings waiting to be discovered. Plus, the sanctuary serves as a vital water catchment area for Kandy, adding to its ecological significance.

Explore the beauty of nature and the wealth of bird species in this enchanting sanctuary.


Winding pathways through dense foliage lead visitors to the entrance of Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, beckoning nature enthusiasts to embark on a birdwatching and nature trekking adventure in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

To reach this picturesque destination, travelers can follow these directions:

  1. Take a scenic walk from Kandy Lake, immersing in the lush surroundings.
  2. Pass by vibrant displays of local flora, perfect for nature photography enthusiasts.
  3. Follow the signs directing towards the sanctuary entrance, where the serene natural setting awaits with its diverse birdlife and tranquil ambiance.

As visitors navigate through the sanctuary, they can capture the beauty of the surroundings through their lenses, with ample opportunities for stunning nature photography.

Common questions

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Common questions

Are There Any Specific Clothing or Footwear Recommendations for the Trekking Experience at Udawatta Kele Sanctuary?

When planning for the trek at Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, it’s vital to consider appropriate clothing and footwear. The right footwear selection ensures comfort and safety on the trails, while dressing for the weather guarantees an enjoyable experience.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Binoculars or Are They Provided During the Birdwatching Activity?

Participants can bring their own binoculars or opt for rental availability during the birdwatching activity. Both options cater to different equipment preferences, ensuring a personalized birdwatching gear experience that suits individual needs and comfort.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement or Any Restrictions for Participating in the Nature Trekking Experience?

There are no specific age restrictions for the nature trekking experience. Safety measures are in place, and guided tours ensure wildlife encounters are educational and enjoyable for all participants. Enjoy the adventure worry-free!

Are There Restroom Facilities Available Along the Trekking Route in Udawatta Kele Sanctuary?

Restroom availability along the trekking route in Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is limited. Visitors should plan accordingly. The sanctuary offers abundant wildlife sightings, making it a captivating experience despite the restroom facilities being sparse.

Is There a Specific Time of Day That Is Recommended for the Best Birdwatching Opportunities at the Sanctuary?

For the best birdwatching opportunities at the sanctuary, early morning is recommended. The peaceful surroundings and vibrant bird activity make it ideal for spotting and photography. Sunrise offers excellent lighting and chances to capture stunning moments.

Last Words

Udawatte Kele:Birdwatching and Nature Trekking Experience - Last Words

Set out on a captivating journey through the Udawatta Kele Sanctuary for an immersive birdwatching and nature trekking experience in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

With expert guides leading the way, visitors can explore the lush landscape, encounter a variety of bird species, and learn about the sanctuary’s cultural and ecological significance.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with nature and uncover the hidden treasures of Udawatta Kele.

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